CT To CA — First Night’s Stay

I’m writing while Helaine showers. We slept like babies. Add your own joke here.

We spent the night at the Red Roof Inn in Danville, PA. If you’re a traveler you know Red Roof isn’t the top of the highway lodging food chain… and yet, I’m here to ‘praise the roof&#185’!

We found this place using PetsWelcome.com. Doppler is small and quiet enough to sneak into a motel, but why?

This place is a two story affair with exterior walkways to the rooms. There were no first floor rooms vacancies. Upstairs!

Bed — Firm mattress. Absolutely comfortable.
Flat Panel TV — yes
Refrigerator — yes
Microwave — yes
Work desk — yes (with free WiFi)
Shower — good water pressure

All this for $65.84 plus tax. And we didn’t make the reservation until a few hours before arrival. It’s a correctly priced gem.

We’ll be out of here within the next hour, back on the road. We should be in the vicinity of Chicago, around 600 miles away, when we stop this evening.

&#185 – Red Roof: Feel free to steal that phrase. It works.