It’s Fashion Week… For Guys

This is the week of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. If you like high tech toys, it is the place for you! This year, 2,700 companies will exhibit, most introducing new products or lines of products.

There’s lots of buzz about the marriage of entertainment and portable devices. That might mean a phone which receives digital television too. Who knows?

New technologies evolve. This year’s losers might set the ground for next year’s breakout.

Will Apple get back into the handheld field? Lots of people say yes, but what shape this ‘thing’ will take is anyone’s guess, from an always secretive Apple.

I’ve never been. My closest Las Vegas foray was demo’ing products for a weather graphics company at the National Association of Broadcasters convention – another huge high tech show.

I’d like to go, though I’m not sure it’s a practical dream without someone else picking up the tab. doesn’t send correspondents to report… yet.

I’ll keep an eye on what comes out. If any thing’s really cool, I’ll mention it here… just before my birthday.