My Day Off… Sort Of

It’s my day off from work, but not exactly. I’m still very conscious of the weather and check the data from time-to-time. We’re not done and some areas have already seen 5+ inches of rain.

My friend Bob’s extreme weather site&#185 has been interesting to watch as some of the world’s most extreme weather was right here in the Northeast.

It’s been interesting to watch the tides&#185, seeing how they vary from the astronomical predictions. As of low tide, New Haven and most of the Connecticut Shoreline, showed tides two feet above predicted levels. Now they’re closer to three feet high, though stabilizing.

We got a call from a neighbor around 4:00 PM. Their basement was flooding. Water was pouring down the ‘walk out’ stairs. Did we have a wet vac? We do. Now they do.

Helaine asked if, maybe, I’d like to check our basement. Bone dry! Phew.

I was on-the-air all last week ‘advancing’ this storm. Truth is, most people can do nothing to prepare themselves… well, at least nothing that doesn’t take a lot of time and money.

That’s the sad part. sometimes prediction can get you out of harm’s way. Sometimes, it just gives you more time to worry.

&#185 – These are ‘live’ sites, meaning whenever you click, you will get current data, not the horrendous info I was seeing when I wrote this.