Charity Begins At Home… Or Guilford

It wasn’t tough because of the organization or the crowd–both of those were great. It was tough because of strange logistics.

I was an auctioneer in auction taking place while participants sat in three separate dining rooms… and the PA system didn’t work.

I am bushed. Is it OK to admit that? I am spent!

I emceed a charity event tonight. Some are easy, some more difficult. This was the latter.


Tonight’s benefit was for Fellowship Place which helps, “adults with mental illness lead more meaningful, fulfilling and healthy lives by offering resources, education and opportunity.” It took place at the Stone House Restaurant at Guilford Harbor on Long Island Sound.

This was a food-o-rama! It started with hors d’oeuvres then worked through a sit down dinner climaxing with filet mignon served in a fluffy pastry shell. I’m probably not allowed to eat again until the second week in May!

There was wine tasting before dinner. I saw my friend Andy Eder schmoozing around. When you’ve seen someone at as many charity events as I have with Andy you may safely assume he’s a good guy. Ray Mathews, glass blower and glass golf putter inventor was there too. He’s also charity oriented.

I sat with much of Duby Mcdowell‘s family (sans Duby). I have come to the conclusion Duby and I have the least similar upbringing of any two people in Connecticut! I love her mom. She started Fellowship Place.

When my part of the evening wrapped I called up Google Navigation and drove back to work via Route 17, 9 and I-91. A misty night like tonight isn’t the right time to be exploring Route 17. It passes through every little town in Central Connecticut before joining up with Route 9 in Middletown.

It’s dark. It’s windy. It’s a little scary too. I-95 to I-91 should have been my choice.

My charity events aren’t over yet. Saturday I’ll be appearing at the Meriden Daffodil Festival in the afternoon then the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Gala at night. I might not get out of bed Sunday.