Finally – Too Much Spam For Me

Since I purchased this domain, I have accepted mail to every possible address – Over time there has been more and more spam. Mostly it came to my established address.

Recently, there has been an onslaught of spam, most of it bounces from other domains. Some spamming software has decided to take random letters and attach them to my domain as the return address. So, I get emails addressed to things like

Mostly they’re variations of, “You sent email here, but there’s no one here with that address,” or “Thanks for the email, but I’m on vacation,” or “This is Fred’s anti-spam software. Please verify you’re a real person and not spam!”

One day this week I had nearly 50 emails make it past my spam filtering and none of them were real emails for me – not one!

I have just adjusted the way this website works. Now, only emails addressed to me specifically will get to me.

I feel like I’m giving in to these dastardly attacks. I didn’t want to do that. I had no choice.

If we don’t come up with a solution for spam soon it will kill email. It really will.

Saturday Night Live

I sat and watched Saturday Night Live tonight with Steffie. It’s a fairly regular ritual for us. She wanted to watch this week because of the appearance of the Olsen Twins (it’s good to be the Olsen Twins).

This was the last episode of the season. Jimmy Fallon said goodbye. I’m not sure anyone else is leaving.

Saturday Night Live has had its share of break out stars… and flops. I think this cast has at least two huge stars and one guy who will work constantly, making more money than nearly everyone else.

First the stars:

Horatio Sanz – Laughs all the time, especially at his own stuff. There is some non-quantifiable attribute that certain people have, which makes them likable on TV. He has that something, and has a lot of it. I know nothing about him but fear he might have a self destructive side.

Fred Armisen – I was not impressed when I first watched him last season. I sense that writers need to find the performer’s sweet spot on Saturday Night Live. This year they found Fred’s. He is very funny playing hapless geeks. He is funniest when he’s totally over-the-top.

Now, the guy who will always work:

Chris Parnell – He is Phil Hartman, Fred Willard, Harry Shearer, Dan Akroyd funny. There will always be a need for him, though probably not as the lead.

These guys are great. It was a pretty good (though not the best) year.