The Art Of Seduction

Helaine and I have been married 23 years. I’m a lucky guy. I won the marriage lottery.

There was a time when marriage didn’t seem that appealing. I had been burned in relationships. I was a guy. Guys don’t commit!

Helaine set out to convince me she wouldn’t be deleterious to my mental health. She did that through baking.

Damn you Helaine, that’s not fighting fair!

When you cook your ravioli in the Chef Boyardee can because all the pots are otherwise filthy, homemade food of any kind is appealing. So, Helaine seduced me with her acumen in the kitchen. She is a great cook and a better baker.

The were cakes and torts and kugel&#185, but the clincher was the butter cookies.

Oh my god!

It is impossible to convey the powers of these cookies. They are light and crisp and flaky and oh so buttery. They might be the perfect food (as long as nutrition is removed from the calculation).

Twenty three years later, we’re still together… but no more butter cookies. It’s not that she doesn’t love me. It’s that butter cookies (and everything else) have taken their toll on my once boyish physique.

Helaine has gone away for a few days. I’ll write more about that later. But, as a going away/Valentine gift, she left a plate of my old friends.

The attached photo was taken a few evenings ago. There’s nothing left to shoot.

&#185 – From Wikipedia: Kugel (Yiddish: קוגל kugl or קוגעל, pronounced koogel or kigel {being that the “u” takes on an “i” sound in eastern european Yiddish}, also often referred to in the diminutive kugele, kigele) is any one of a wide variety of traditional baked Jewish side dishes or desserts. It is sometimes translated as “pudding” or “casserole”.