I Made My Asus TF201 Transformer Prime Usable

My purchase of an Asus TF201 Transformer Prime tablet was one of the most disappointing electronics buys I’ve ever made! Based on the specs it should have been amazing. In reality it was terrible.

After a few days use the table began to slow down. Websites that should have loaded in seconds took minutes! And it just kept getting worse.

I’m not a hardware guy, but the problem seemed to be caused by the type of memory used coupled with Android’s inability to properly deal with it.  As the disk cache filled, the tablet would slowly reallocate the memory.

Maybe slowly is too positive a term.  The tablet became totally unresponsive for long periods of time. That’s a frustrating 21st Century problem.

Last week I used the recently released Motochopper app to become a “superuser.” Then I installed Lagfix, which requires “root” privileges.  Now every night the tablet does some housekeeping so I start the day with a clean slate.

Is this the optimum fix? Probably not. Asus made poor hardware choices I’m paying for. 

However, it is the first fix that’s worked. And it seems to work well.

Now I’m using the tablet all the time, even to write this blog entry.  What was a painful slog has become fun. The tablet’s form factor makes it a perfect carry around the house companion.

This Asus experience has left a bad taste in my mouth.