Camouflage Cell Tower

I was invited to go to the Yankees/Angels game at Yankee Stadium. I’m just too exhausted to write it up now. I will tomorrow.

I brought “Clicky” the camera and went a little nuts. There are a few shots I’m pretty happy with.

Meanwhile, on our way to New York from Connecticut, we stopped at a rest area on the Hutchinson River Parkway in Westchester County. Square foot for square foot this might be the most profitable retail business in the world! Their convenience store is jam packed 24/7.

It’s what’s on the edge of the rest area that attracted me the most. There is a cell phone tower, disguised to look like a tree.

The problem is, not only doesn’t it look like a tree, it looks like a thumbed nose insult to anyone who really thought this cell tower was going to blend in with the background.

I don’t know the process that went on, but I can’t believe anyone is happy with this – not the people who thought it might spoil their view, not the company who paid for its erection.

Recently there’s been a huge clamor about a cell tower to be built near the shores of Lake George in the Adirondacks. If this is the way their tower will be ‘hidden’, I understand the tumult.

Before I sound like a radical, if given the choice between this tower, on a major highway, and having no cell service, the tower would stay.