Frances – The Back Story

This week, people all over Florida will be reminded why the state was sparsely populated until the 50s – it’s really hot and humid.

I spoke to my folks this afternoon. They have phone service, but no electricity. As far as they can tell there is no electricity at all in Boynton Beach. Their condo has begun to steam up and they spent much of today out of doors.

Undoubtedly, there are more people with phone service than working phones. What I mean is, in many places the phone lines work, but cordless phone base units need power from the wall! If those people would only plug in an old fashioned phone, they’d be back in touch.

In my folks’ kitchen, whatever is left in the freezer has melted enough to send rivulets of water down the outside of their refrigerator. I told my mom to just open it up and empty it out, because anything left is now unfit for human consumption.

Back in the very late 60s I lived in Lake Worth, Florida without air conditioning. You get used to anything, I suppose. But, looking back, it was brutal. I wish my folks wouldn’t have to undergo that same experience.

There’s no timetable for getting their power back on, though I hope the average age of the residents will spark the electric company to go to extra human efforts.

How I Love the Summer

I walked out from work last night. It was close to midnight – the news having been delayed by a made-for-TV golf match. It was warm and still and muggy.

It was heaven.

Every time I say this in public someone jumps out to tell me how removed from the mainstream I am, but I love the hot weather. Maybe it’s not so much I love the heat as I hate the cold. I hate the cold and snowy even worse.

Of course my feelings toward the weather have to be taken in context. I live in an air conditioned home and drive my air conditioned car to my air conditioned office. There are days when my outdoors time is just a few minutes.

In our modern age, technology makes summertime easy. On the other hand, even with heated everything, winter (especially snowy winter) takes a toll. My car may be heated, but its tires still deal with slippery winter conditions. The same goes for the winter related repair bills we’ve dealt with over time.

In the early 1970s I lived in Lake Worth, Florida in an non-air conditioned apartment. I remember (vaguely) having trouble getting to sleep in that stifling climate.

On the other hand, I also remember looking at the snow tire and hand lotion commercials we would get on network television during the winter months. Seeing those in Florida made me smile.