If It’s Saturday It Must Be Hazmat




We’re moving. Maybe you’ve heard (a thousand times). That means tying up lots of loose ends, like all the stuff stored in the garage or basement that’s garbage. It’s trash, but it can’t be put out with the trash!

Today I went to “Hazmat Central” in the Regional Water Authority’s parking lot at Long Wharf in New Haven. This is where scary stuff goes to get disposed

The back end of Helaine’s SUV was filled with an old gas can, some mostly used cleaning products and paint. There must have been fifteen partially used cans of paint, leftovers from our 23 years in this house.

The joint was jumping! People have stuff to ditch and they’d like to do it with minimum environmental impact. Thanks fellow citizens.

It didn’t take long for me to find out Latex paint is not considered a hazmat item! That was the bulk of my load.

Latex paint lives in a no man’s land. It doesn’t go to hazmat. It doesn’t go to the curb as-is either.

“You mean it’s dangerous, but not dangerous enough,” my friend Peter asked.

Yeah, something like that.

The boys in the bunny suits instructed me to throw some kitty litter in each can to solidify the paint. Once it’s a solid the pressure’s off. Our trashmen will pick it up on their normal weekly run.

We are unwinding our Connecticut life one day at a time. So many little details.