I’ll Be Getting Up Early

I should be thinking about going to bed now. My alarm is set for 4:00 AM. Waking up past noon today probably wasn’t a great idea.

I am jet lag personified… and I haven’t left home!

This started around a week ago. I got a call from Mary Scanlon at WCCC in Hartford. She was looking for a day off and needed to find her own stand-in. Would I be willing to spend 6-10 AM with Sebastian?

WCCC is rock in Hartford. Don’t expect to hear many ballads during the broadcast day.

From what I understand, Sebastian’s morning show is very highly rated. It’s a rock station, but this is a talk show… a talk show for rockers.

My job will be to read news… well, actually it’s sorta news. You know, celeb stuff, entertainment, weirdness. And, of course, to act as Sebastian’s sounding board.

It’s my chance to show I’m not too old to be hip. Hey, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Sebastian told Mary, “Geoff gets it.” We’ll see. That was said, after all, before he sat across from me.

There’s no getting around it, radio is still in my blood. I’m bringing Clicky and my headphones.

Taste of the Nation

There is one fringe benefit my job brings which I love. I get to give away the TV station for the common good. Tonight was a case in point.

I did this evening’s weathercasts from the New Haven Lawn Club, site of “Taste of the Nation. What we had were a few dozen restaurants represented, with their chefs and some of their more memorable dishes.

All the proceeds from the event go to the Connecticut Food Bank – a great charity.

No one brings anything but their finest food to an event like this. Everything was so good – and often so spicy. The older I get, the more I enjoy spicy food. Of course, the next step will probably be my stomach protesting, putting and end to these oiutings.

One thing I’ve learned as an adult is no indulgence goes without punishment. It’s a law of nature!

The toughest part of tonight’s event was not eating carbs. It even came to the point where I said something on-the-air about my diet to justify my picky eating. Then, I had Mary Scanlon from KC-101 radio be my ‘designated eater.’

I so want to continue with the diet, but I’ve hit a plateau. For the last week or more I’ve been stuck at 179.5… not a bad place for me to be. Still, I want to get below 175, and I’ll keep trying as long as I can.

I am making one exception – this weekend. We’re going to Foxwoods and spending the night. They have a Sunday brunch I just can’t resist – and I won’t even try.