The Final Finals

I just finished my last final exam for Mississippi State. I am somewhat relieved. No – I am totally relieved. A great burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

I’d like to go out with all “A”s. That seemed likely in Oceanography, where I had done extremely well all semester. Any grade over a 75% would cinch it.

The final, unfortunately, was the toughest test of the course. I’m still cautiously optimistic.

Weather Prediction II was a little more stressful. I didn’t do very well in the midterm, getting an 82%. My weekly tests were much better… especially good since the lowest mark of the 12 is thrown out&#185. I need an 84% on this final to get an “A” for the course.

I clicked the button locking in my answers a few minutes ago. It was a fair test with a few questions I just couldn’t answer and guessed at. I am not totally confident I beat the 84% needed, but I’m hopeful.

Before I ‘opened’ this timed test I was skittish. It was like pitching a perfect game until there were two out in the ninth and then facing that last batter. I will know more after noon today when the results are posted.

In any event, “A” or not, I will finish up with excellent grades – the best I’ve ever gotten in school. I only wish I had been this attentive and studious when I was 18! It really does mean more now. The accomplishment is more tangible.

Next Tuesday I take all my acquired knowledge to Alabama for a mandatory workshop. I had been dreading it, but tonight one of my instructors wrote:

Most of the presenters at this years workshop I have seen present several times in the past. They are all very good speakers. You should really like them. You will learn loads of information and refresh on loads of information while at the workshop. There is also a good arrangement of nightlife and places to eat within walking distance of the hotel. Outside the front lobby of the hotel and if you are facing directly away from the hotel, walk to the right a couple of blocks or so and you will enter 5-points.. an area loaded with restaurants, clubs, bars and stores. You guys are really in for a treat at this workshop.. the memories will last forever.

That sounds very promising.

It will be interesting to become a ‘real’ meteorologist. I assume we’ll make mention of it on the air and people will ask how it happened and what it means.

Last week I wrote a friend about all this. He is a graduate of a conventional brick and mortar four year meteorology program.

I’m excited because in two weeks I finish my 3 years, 53 credits at Mississippi State.

Let me say this about their program – it is real schooling and it does teach meteorology. It certainly gives you more than someone needs to know to be reasonably trustworthy on a first job.

Early on my wife asked “how important can what they’re teaching be, if you didn’t need it over the last 20 years?” And, of course, she’s right. But, things I understood from experience and on an operational level, I now also understand on a theoretical basis.

I’m not sure if you can dog it and pass – maybe some people do. I’m a different student at 54 than I was at 18. I work hard and have done well

I’m glad it’s coming to an end. I’m glad I stuck it out. I feel I’ve accomplished something worthwhile.

&#185 – I’m not sure how, but I got a 60% on one weekly test. That is the one that’s dumped, leaving me an average of 97% for the weeklies. I got 40% wrong on that one test and an aggregate total of 35% wrong for the other 11 combined.