Who Ya’ Rooting Against?

Joe Buck said, “They’re down by 11 and in trouble here.” Like music to our ears

Minnesota-Vikings-Logo.gifFootball is on our TV. We are resilient, I’ll say that. The Eagles are out. We no longer have a horse in this race.

We could pick another team to root for (we will probably be happiest for the Jets), but that’s not the Fox Family way. I’m not sure it’s the American way.

No–we will spend the rest of the playoffs mainly rooting against teams! It’s so much more fun.

“I never knew I was so much of a Vikings fan,” Helaine just blurted, not knowing she was writing this blog entry for me. A Viking back had just run up the middle for a first down. Don’t ask me his name.

Other than Brett Favre I’d be hard pressed to tell you much about the Vikes. They play where people embrace the cold with their unbleached blond hair. Fans bring Miracle Whip sandwiches and milk in their wood paneled station wagons&#185.

No offense Minnesotans, we’re in this to root against the Cowboys. Blissfully, they’re being manhandled.

Joe Buck said, “They’re down by 11 and in trouble here.” Like music to our ears.

Now they’re down by 14.

Is this the same satisfaction as rooting your team to victory? No, but we love football… and hate the Cowboys.

Any port in a storm.

&#185 – OK, I’m making that part up, but I’m not being mean. It’s just my jealousy of their beauty and vigor. I hate that in strangers.