Moose On The Loose In Irvine

We spent the evening with our cousins. My plan was to write about the night. It’s on hold for now.

As we left the house I saw a small black and white dog at the corner. He was piddling. There was no one with him.

I wish I knew the breed, but he was adorable. Not an in the street dog.

With Helaine and Cousin Melissa behind me, I got on my knees and held the back of my hand in his direction. He came right over.

He wore a collar.

Moose! I was holding Moose.

Melissa read the number and I dialed… five rings… voicemail. Seriously, doesn’t anyone answer calls from numbers they don’t recognize anymore? I left a message then promptly redialed.

She sounded like I’d woke her up. Probably. It was near midnight in Texas, where I was calling. Her husband was home watching Moose in Irvine.

“You saved my life,” said Moose’s dad when we handed the dog over in his garage. I’m sure. Maybe we saved Moose’s too?

Nice ending.