Put Another One In The Win Column For The Fightin’ Phils!

Today was the JDRF walk. More on that later. I was bushed after the walk (it’s really early for me), and took a nap when we got home.

By the time I woke up, Helaine was safely ensconced on the sofa. The Mets game was on the TV. The Phillies game was on her laptop.

The Phils were already leading. The Mets were being clobbered. Helaine was in a good mood.

As it turned out, neither lead changed. The Mets lost, ending a season which will be (arguably) compared to the biggest chokes in sports history. The Phillies, counted out in the first month of the season, became the National League East champs.

This is very exciting. Ryan Howard called the atmosphere at the ballpark, “electric.”

Seven of the eight teams that get into the playoffs will leave in disappointment… will leave losing their last game. Still, hope springs eternal. Never give up.