It’s My Birthday

It’s my birthday. Hold the gifts. Thanks.

Growing up, I sensed birthdays weren’t as much fun for adults as they were for kids. That is so wrong. I enjoy my birthday now more than ever.

I don’t enjoy the getting older part… just the birthday.

Steffie was coming home from a date and Helaine was still awake when I walked in last night at a few minutes before midnight. I’m not sure either of them know how nice and important that was to me.

As the clock struck midnight, Helaine walked in with a cake. There can’t be another cake anywhere in the world richer and more full of all the good stuff I’m not supposed to have.

There was also a large and beautiful helium balloon Steffie picked out at the party store, plus a personal gift from her.

Helaine says it’s tough to buy for me. Over the years I’ve accrued most everything I want. Anything else is either too esoteric or too expensive. Still, she always manages to find something. And, the gift is always unusual and personal.

We had already planned to be in Albuquerque for part of the International Balloon Fiesta in October. My gift is for the two of us to go up in a balloon during a mass ascension. That’s 800 balloons in the air at once! It’s as much a gift for “Clicky,” the camera, as me.

The fact that ‘scared of heights’ Helaine will be flying in a wicker basket is an added bonus.

After our live news brief at the TV station, Helaine and I will go out to celebrate. Instead of my normal diner food, it will be a fancy meal at a fancy local restaurant.

My mother says I shouldn’t divulge my age. She’s not worried about how old I am. She just doesn’t want to be known as someone who could have a child my age!

I do enjoy birthdays.