Watch by candlelight

At my desk at work, in the studio… suddenly the lights began to change color. I guess that’s what happens with flourescent studio lights. They don’t dim, they shift their color as the voltage withers and then


We were without power for only a few seconds, enough to bring down every computer under my control in the Weather Center. Most started to reboot on their own. Others were a little more recalictrant. One computer, the one that controls our Doppler radar, is totally dead. Luckily, it’s sunny and will be again tomorrow.

It looks like something in Southern Ontario took down most of the Northeast power grid (though they’re blaming Niagara Mohawk Power in NY).

Helaine just called from home. She and Steffie had been at Trumbull Mall when the power went out. It looks like the power never blinked at home.