Sunset Couple – What Is Real

Helaine walked in the room as I was playing with this photo. “That’s not how it looked,” she said.

We then proceeded to discuss the photo, taken atop East Rock just past sunset.

Is it the photographers goal to capture exactly what happened, or do we get a pass to embellish and present an interpretation? In other words, is a photographer allowed the same latitude a painter gets?

In this case I’ve lightened the photo beyond what was present, while deepening the blue of the sky to enhance the contrast with the clouds. They were pink in real life, but only barely. The color is brought out with the contrast.

I’m not sure we’ll ever agree on this.

The “as shot” photo is first, followed by the new, improved model.

Front steps revisited

Yesterday, when “Elden” left, the stairs were draped with a tarp. So, we left it there and avoided all step contact. During the day, the tarp blew paritally off… guess what? The steps were complete! Oops.

He didn’t come back tonight (it’s his tarp).

Now all we need is the painter and paver to come back and finish the small parts of their jobs that didn’t go right the first time.