Saturday Night Live Scores

Without writing there is no performance.

I know I’m a little late with this, but I’m just now getting to watch last night’s Saturday Night Live. This might be the funniest episode of the last decade!

Paul Rudd was the host. I enjoy his work, but I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to watch just because he was hosting. He was great–excellent timing and willing to give it up for the show. Justin Timberlake did an unexpected piece during Weekend Update. Everything I said about Paul Rudd applies.

The real star was the writing. Without writing there is no performance.

It will be repeated–catch it.

From Now On The World Will Be Documented

Steffie and her roommate went to Manhattan today. They were on a mission. Paul Rudd, pictured above, is starring in a Broadway play with Julia Roberts. The roommate (I haven’t gotten permission to divulge her name) wanted Paul, an actor she favors, to sign a poster from a movie he had been in.

Here’s what I’ve heard from Stef. Julia Roberts: tiny, didn’t speak, only signed for those with ticket stubs from today’s performance (Can’t blame her. She’d be there all day).

Paul Rudd was very nice and schmoozed with the crowd for a while, which is good considering he was the ‘goal’ of the day.

Enough of this. It’s not why I’ve posted the entry.

Look at the photo again. Count the cameras!

Some are actual cameras that people have brought for their day in the city. Most are not. Most are cellphone cameras. That means they are carried whenever the owner is out.

This is a huge change, and we need to get used to it and get ready for its implications. From now on, virtually everything in public will be documented in one way or another.

We’re already seeing some of this with surveillance video (and I assume there are surveillance cameras outside this theater). Now we will see it in ‘pedestrian’ events that turn important.

It will be tougher to make claims or denials when whatever you do could be digitized, even if you don’t realize it at the time. I suppose, from now on, we’ve all got to act as if we’re always on camera.

Great. Like there wasn’t enough pressure already.

The 40 Year Old Virgin

Were we the last people in America to see The 40 Year Old Virgin&#185? We’ve seen it now!

Other than getting the newspaper and picking up the mail, I didn’t leave the house on Saturday. Helaine wasn’t far behind. Tonight, with little going on and both of us in pajamas, I asked if she wanted to see a movie?

We had never ordered a pay-per-view film before. I hit the big ‘money button’ on the remote control and scrolled through the titles. There’s a lot of garbage available. In fact, the percentage of crap is astounding, especially when coupled with the fact – someone wants you to pay for it!

We got to the “T”s before there was one movie we’d even consider watching. Helaine said “The 40 Year Old Virgin” was supposed to be funny, so we gave it a shot. The $3.99 we paid seems reasonable versus what it would cost to rent a DVD.

It was certainly a lot more convenient.

There’s plenty to like about this movie. The cast was excellent, starting with Steve Carrell and working down. But let me start where the credit belongs – the writing.

On many occassions Carrell and Judd Apatow’s script could have easily turned Andy, the title character, into a stereotype. Instead, at each fork in the road, Andy establishes himself as multidimensional and human. It’s a neat trick, and though some of his personality traits are unexpected, it works.

Andy, a stock clerk at a Circuit City type store, reveals his lack of sexual experience while playing cards with the guys. The movie is his journey out of virginity.

This is a real ensemble cast with five or six solid performances by characters that aren’t written paper thin. I particularly like Seth Rogen (the tattoos were ‘special effects’), Romany Malco and Paul Rudd as his co-workers and Catherine Keener as Trish.

Until last week I had no idea who Catherin Keener was. Then I saw Death To Smoochy, where she had a large supporting role opposite Edward Norton. She was very good last week and just as good this week.

If you were watching TV any time around the release of the movie, you probably saw a clip of the scene where Steve Carrell has his chest waxed. The word is, his pained expression… his pain actually… was real.

It was hysterical, but I am such a wimp I had to look away.

I enjoyed Carrell on The Daily Show and in Anchorman. This was far better and he is a fine comedic actor. I haven’t seen The Office, his show on NBC. I guess I have to now.

My guess is, in time this movie will be considered a classic. Honest. Is that too much to predict?

There is some nudity and explicit sexual content. If my daughter has seen this movie, I’d rather not know.

&#185 – Actually, no more than two minutes ago, my friend Farrell said he hadn’t see it either. He is in England at the moment, so we very well may be the only people in America not to have seen it.