Back on Slashdot With A Small Problem

I read an interesting story on about a plan for Steve Wynn’s new casino in Las Vegas. The gambling chips will each contain an RFID chip.

RFID or radio frequency identification is the technology that allows E-ZPass customers to drive through tollbooths without stopping and enables Mobil’s Speedpass. A sensor ‘polls’ the RFID chip which responds with its serial number, vouching for its authenticity.

Putting RFID casino chips is an interesting concept since it allows the casino to watch for fraud much more easily. It also lets casinos do a much better job of tracking players.

I’m not sure I like this much scrutiny of my actions. I’m not sure I like carrying something in my pocket that could very well broadcast who I am, where I am and what I did.

It is not a simple black and white proposition. There are both good and bad points to be made.

I thought this would be an interesting topic for Slashdot: “News for Nerds.

I emailed a little write-up and it was quickly accepted for posting. There was only one problem. The editor added his own comments after mine, and to me, they looked las if I was still speaking. They were words and thoughts I didn’t feel and wouldn’t wouldn’t say.

from the hey-steve-comp-me-a-suite dept.

ctwxman writes “As Steve Wynn gets set to open his new Las Vegas casino, something new hits the tables: RFID encoded chips they report that “The fancy new chips look just like regular ones, only they contain radio devices that signal secret serial numbers. Special equipment linked to the casino’s computer systems and placed throughout the property will identify legitimate chips and detect fakes” ” “ Having stayed pretty much everywhere else cool on the strip, I’m sure I’ll try the Wynn out soon after it opens, but I think I’ll be cashing out my chips before I leave the casino. It makes me nervous knowing I could be unwittingly scanned by others after I leave the floor. Of course, this added inconvenience may save me a fortune in blackjack losses!

Starting with the word “Having,” it’s the editor and not me speaking. On the Slashdot entry my words are in italics, his are not. Regular Slashdot readers might see that distinction. I did not – and I go to Slashdot everyday.

It’s an interesting concept, and I’m glad to get the story on. I just hope no one is confused.