Update On My Mom

Thanks to all of you who’ve followed my mom’s trip to the hospital then rehab. Things are going as well as can be expected… maybe a little better.

My mom left the hospital last Tuesday and headed to a rehab facility in Lantana, just north of where my folks live in Boynton Beach.

For the first few days she went through one rehab session a day. Now she’s up to two. She is walking with assistance and has even fed herself a little. The therapists are working with her as she strengthens her legs.

These are big steps. My mom isn’t going to leave and run in a marathon, but if she can be rehabilitated to the point where she can walk a short distance and feed herself she can return home.

That’s the goal!

My mom doesn’t want to be there. She’s made that clear from the moment she arrived. We have tried delicately to convince her this is in her own best interest.

My dad is doing an amazing job in that regard. I’m not sure how he does it. This is a taxing chore for anyone, but at 86 it’s got to be really brutal.

I don’t know how long my mom will have to stay in the facility. My sister says Medicare can provide up to 90 days in rehab if she continues to benefit and improve. We hope she’s out sooner.

I can’t wait for the day my mom returns home. A week ago I was sure that would never happen. Now it looks likely.