Rita Gets Stronger

I’ve just looked at Hurricane Rita on radar. This looks like an illustration in a textbook. It is pure symmetry – meaning there are no outside environmental forces acting against it.

Rita will intensify, probably rapidly and strongly over the next 18-24 hours.

We haven’t seen what happened today in Key West, but I am already dwelling on what could happen to Houston if Rita hit the Galveston area and moved inland. Tall buildings and hurricanes don’t mix.

When we talk about a hurricane’s sustained wind speed, that’s near the ground. At 300 feet, the wind can be 30-40% stronger. And there are also the effects brought on by a big city’s skyscraper canyons.

It’s all very troubling. For the next few days we’ll all be on the edge of our seats. You will see lots of satellite images and other weather maps. It will look scary.

It is scary.