The Pols Call

Wow — two political campaigns calling within minutes of each other… on my cellphone… while I’m in the studio… while I had the ringer on.

Oops. My bad.

Primary day approaches!

One was a robocall from a name I recognize. The caller’s number was revealed on my cell. Oh the temptation to return this call at 3:00 AM.

I hang up on robocalls and this was no exception. The candidate got ten seconds of my time and left a bad taste in my mouth.

This is not a movie, but it would be nice if he lost by one vote.

The other call was from “Private Number.” I thought it was my secret friend from the San Fernando Valley. I quickly answered.

Not my pal. It was another candidate, but this time with a live voice.

“I think your candidate is a crazy person,” I said.

That is what I actually think.

“You won’t get my vote,” I continued. “Please don’t call back.”

He politely said, “Thank you.” Classy touch from the wacko’s camp.

I hate any kind of solicitation call whether they be from a political campaigns or folks offering to get me a better rate on my credit card&#185. I find it distasteful that politicians carved an exclusion to the “Do Not Call” rule just for themselves. Shame on you.

There is a happy ending. I meant what I said about the candidate! It’s so seldom you get to let them know.

&#185 – Note to solicitors. Since Helaine took over the books in 1982 we haven’t paid a penny in credit card interest. Stay away.