Santa Monica

Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica.  It’s an open air mall,  meaning I people watch and picture take while Helaine and Stef dart into stores.

This followed shrimp tacos on the Santa Monica Pier.  This life isn’t real!

Earlier it was Roxie’s fourth birthday party.  I have photos! If you love dogs you’ll love the party.
More later.  Very short amount of time in Los Angeles.  Gotta make the most.


It’s An Addiction – I’m Not Alone

Katie Haffner had an interesting story about blogging in this moring’s New York Times. I always thought (and Helaine will confirm) I’d gone off the deep end with blogging, but this article makes it seem like I’m not so bad. There are others who have been bitten far worse.

Thanks God for small favors.

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