While Geoff’s Away

I went to Hudson, NY this afternoon to see one of my oldest, best friends. I’ll write about that later. Before I left, I showed Helaine an area on Pokerstars where there are ‘free’ satellite tournaments.

OK – two terms to clarify.

When I say ‘free,’ I mean you use points to play. These points are accrued as you play real money games. Since we’ve never touched our points, there were thousands in our account.

Satellite means a tournament which has a seat in another tournament as the prize. The satellite I showed Helaine cost 500 points, had 27 players, and paid the winner (only one winner) a $200 + $15 seat in a Sunday tournament.

What makes Sunday’s tournament so interesting is the total payout is guaranteed at $250,000+. The first place winner will make at least $56,000.

As of this moment, Helaine says there’s too much pressure for her to play. I’m not sure I feel any different. The tournament starts tomorrow at 4:30 PM.

With over 1,000 players expected, more than likely we’ll get nothing. But, the big question is which one of us will play?