Sleeping Giant: Snakes On A Trail

There, sunning himself on a rock, was a copperhead snake!

May I start by saying I’m bushed? This was a very busy day. My Cousin Melissa is in from SoCal. Today was family entertainment day. I took the day off so she could see some Connecticut.

Actually this was going to be a day in New York City, but with the threat of rain we all agreed a “staycation” worked better.

From reading my blog entries Melissa knew about Sleeping Giant. We headed there early this afternoon. It was fairly deserted as we parked and headed up the Tower Trail.

Helaine and I haven’t walked The Giant in a while. I was worried whether I’d be too out-of-shape to make it to the top.

We stopped once at the midway point then continued to the top. I was sweaty, but none the worse for wear! Phew.

At one point we approached three young women also headed to the top. They were standing at the side of the trail pointing at a rock. I walked up to see what was holding their attention.

There, sunning himself on a rock, was a copperhead snake! Click the photo for a better look.

I grew up in Apartment 5E. We didn’t have snakes. I didn’t know I was supposed to be scared and moved closer to snap a picture. The snake held his ground until we walked away.

We reached the top under the kind of deep blue sky my California Cousin is used to. Ten minutes later it would be gone!

We spent a little time on the tower. Visibility was excellent and we easily saw the Connecticut Shoreline, Long Island Sound and Long Island.

The trip down wasn’t quite as eventful as the trip up. No snakes, though we did run into a few dogs including Doc.

Doc is a four month old Corgi with a soft coat and huge paws. He’s still growing. That’s a shame. At his current size and disposition Doc is as sweet and cute a dog as you’ll ever see!

I miss Sleeping Giant.