It’s Maine-ly Beautiful

This will be a fairly short entry. I am in Maine, with my friend Bob.

Right now he is making an appearance on behalf of the radio station he appears on in the Bangor area. I’m on an ‘Internet Cafe’ type PC in the deli section of the natural grocery store he’s at.

Radio is glamorous – not!

Our drive to Maine was uneventful, except to say there comes a point when you realize you’ve driven past civilization. It took a little over six hours door-to-door for the 415 miles.

Though we drove with the top up, once we got here the convertible roof went down. The weather has been sunny and cool, but with the skyand the scenery, this is perfect for driving a convertible. Maybe beyond perfect.

We are staying in an amazing little home right on Southwest Bay, which is in turn on Mt. Desert Island.

I have already taken over 200 photos, but can’t post them… yet. My laptop has suffered some sort of failure which rendered Internet connectivity and file reading capaibility dead!

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to be on again (and not sure I’ll even be able to read my email), but I hope to post loads of pictures and stories on Thursday.