How Hot Is It?

As a boy, my mother often made cream cheese and olive sandwiches for me. I was into bland! Now, I like it a little spicier.

The best meal I’ve ever had (outside of Helaine’s cooking, which is amazing) was Jamaican Jerk Chicken at a brewpub in Boulder, CO. As good as the chicken was, the fact they also asked me for proof of age made it better! I was already in my 40s.

Recently, I’ve gotten fond of another chicken dish. It’s a Cajun chicken sandwich at a local market/restaurant. I liked it so much last week, I went back tonight for more.

The recipe has changed! What was very spicy last week is now insanely hot and spicy. I actually had four glasses of water with dinner. My eyes and nose were both watering. At times, I couldn’t maintain the conversation because my mouth wasn’t quite working.

Wow, it was good.

Why is it, as you get older, you like it spicier? And, when does that pursuit of spicy food end? It does you know. There is no chili cookoff at my parents’ condo in Florida.

Meanwhile, I’ll be tasting the Cajun chicken for the rest of the night.