The Envelope Please

I have two friends in Los Angeles who I’ve known since college in the late 60’s. They are both in ‘the business’. It is interesting to watch them operate.

They have both laughed at the fact that I have a job where someone pays my health insurance and I get a salary while on vacation. The fact that I work with a multi-year guaranteed contract astounds them (heck – it astounds even me).

I love to watch them both wheel and deal. I’m probably a little jealous. They’re in a world of make believe and pressure, with the hint of glamour.

In Los Angeles, it’s not unusual to root against a friend’s success. Isn’t that weird? Luckily, being an out-of-towner, I can be proud of their successes.

Last night, my friend Paul won at the 2003 DVD Exclusive Awards:

Best Overall DVD, TV Program (including all extra features): The Dick Van Dyke Show