Today was marked by dozens of bounced emails coming back to me from places I had never of heard (and some I had).

By the afternoon, it had become obvious that the SoBig virus was back in a huge way. Not only does this puppy try to replicate itself by emailing viral attachments, but it spoofs the return address… often making it look like it’s coming from a ‘trusted’ person, like me.

What I don’t understand is, who still opens unexpected pifs and the like? And, why do email programs default to allow you to do this to yourself?

I am seriously considering changing email programs to get off the Outlook Express merry-go-round. Some of my friends use Pagasus, but a trip to it site,, bounced (as did repeated tries later).

There is no safe haven, is there?

Email has become such a killer app on the Internet that casual virii are really public menaces.