The Party Has Moved North

The party has moved north. I wrote that on Facebook a while ago and confused a bunch of people. What I meant is I’ve moved from my cousins in Irvine north to the LA area–specifically Sherman Oaks in the San Fernando Valley.

I am staying with my secretive, reclusive friend. Think Howard Hughes during the Vegas years.

He is sprucing up. A crew of workers with ropes and chainsaws are climbing high into an ancient oak to trim wood and treat the problems even trees see in aging.

This is a a wonderful home. It is right at the edge of a commercial district, but totally private. An oasis. In the back is a pool and a one bedroom cottage my friend uses as his office.

The drive up was what Californian’s kvetch about the most–traffic. It was mostly on the 405, the ‘Carmageddon’ highway. As you see, it runs fairly close to LAX!

I’ll be spending time with friends over the next few days. So many people I know have drifted out here.