Laptop – Visiting It In The Hospital

Last week Helaine turned the laptop on. The screen flickered and then – poof – gone. I took it to a local repair shop where they said they could fix it, quickly. Now, a week later, it’s not fixed and I haven’t heard from them!

Today, I took a trip to PCW, the laptop’s sick bay. When I got there, the tech was actually working on it. The keyboard was askew, other pieces had been removed and there was a perplexed look on Omar’s (the technician) face.

I don’t want to go into the sordid details, but the laptop with no video is now a laptop that boots sometimes – and still has no video. It’s very troubling.

Helaine needed some files, so I offloaded 3 Cd’s worth of data. But, the laptop is still on the bench.

We’ve got vacation coming up, and I’d rather bring that laptop than the older, slower Dell. This story is not finished.