Visual Basic – Thanks Bill

Recently, I read online where Microsoft was giving away free copies of Visual Basic.Net. VB is a programming language for Windows computers. I think, though I don’t know, Microsoft is giving this away because its use on the Internet requires using a Microsoft powered web server The web server business is one place where Microsoft has been hurt by Linux – hurt badly.

Visual Basic .Net came on a set of CDROMs. This afternoon, before leaving for work, I decided to install them. Oh my God! My installation took close to 2 hours. I sat and watched as registry change after registry change and file after file was loaded onto my machine.

Finally, it was time to go to work – but the process wasn’t complete. Helaine finished it up (calling me as she read off the screen).

I think, based on what I read on the screen, I have just given up 3 gb of hard drive space for this.

But, if it works out, and if I can learn what I’ve been told is a pretty straightforward language, I’d like to write some Windows applications which manipulate weather data from the net.

I hope I haven’t bit off more than I can chew.