One Man’s Trash

Being home, I’m an easily enlisted manual laborer. Helaine has begun to take advantage as she’s perform some heavy duty meteorological spring cleaning.

Twenty three years at one address allows you to accrue a bunch of crap! There is stuff behind stuff behind stuff.

Take the WBNE set piece I was allowed to remove when Channel 59 changed call letters years ago. Most decorative items like this look weighty, but are not. This is the exception. It is solid… and heavy.

In reality taking it home was nothing more than trash transfer. I removed something useless to them. Now it’s useless to me. Fair trade?

Oy, the garbage.

I have a vintage NYC subway destination roll. The long, heavy, printed cloth inside listed all the terminal stops on the IND lines. It has never left the closet.

Life is about accrual I suppose. The problem is we have too much room. It was easy to store and forget.

What I’ve learned today is, one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure, but mostly it just stays trash.