Good Boy, Sailor

The Fox family loves dogs. Stef has Roxie. We have Doppler. A few days ago there was Scout at Michael, Melissa and Max’s. Now at the secret lair of my mysteriously reclusive friend in the Valley there is Sailor.

One day in the future my friend will probably ask me to pull the battery in my cellphone as I approach the house.

Sailor is a big dog, a White German Shepard.

He is a sweet dog, but he is different from any other dog I’ve ever met. He is intensely vigilant!

Sailor paces the house as if he’s going on rounds. He will fix his gaze on a point and remain motionless until he resolves the target.

Most are harmless. That doesn’t lessen Sailor’s resolve.

The best way to describe his physique is through analogy. Imagine a guy in great physical shape at 25. Now he’s 45. He tries… but he’s 45.

My friend spent last night with his girlfriend. I had the big house to myself–save Sailor.

As I watched Skyfall on DVD, Sailor rested a few feet away. Every once in a while he’d get up, scope out the room and return to rest.

It’s his job.