Everyone’s Talking Wednesday’s Storm

There has been much more interest in Wednesday’s potential storm than I can ever remember for a system this far away. I’m sure it’s the Sandy effect. Maybe a little fear of snow too thrown in for good measure!

I have good news and bad news. The good news is, it’s likely the upcoming storm will be rain and not snow. The bad news is, it’s likely to be a raw rain adding insult on top of injury for anyone still powerless.

The low itself is expected to form as cool air hits the Gulf of Mexico early Tuesday. From there it cuts across the Florida peninsula, then north hugging the Atlantic Coast as it climbs the eastern side of a deep upper air trough. The first effects in Connecticut get here Wednesday.

If the low tracks far enough east we’re on the cold side and get snow. Far enough west and we see rain. Right now (and this stuff can always change) we get rain, except for Northern Litchfield County where it is mainly snow.

Unfortunately it will be chilly, wind driven rain!

As bad as the next few cold days will be for those without power, this storm will make it worse!

Homes and businesses are coming on line at a faster pace than 2011. One can only hope that pace continues.

For those in New Jersey, Long Island, Manhattan and Staten Island, where the recovery will be measured in months not days, this will be brutal.