You’ll Be So Proud Of Me

Helaine and I both wanted to use our laptops here in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, this hotel charges an outrageous daily fee for Internet – and it’s per computer. So, I brought a wireless router from home.

Now Helaine and I share a single connection, as we do at home, and have wireless access anywhere in the room (or nearby rooms, I suppose).

In order to cut down on the riff raff I am running WEP encryption. It isn’t the most secure method of encryption, but we’ll have so little traffic, I doubt it will be cracked.

The router, a D-Link DI-524, is the size of a paperback book and weighs a few ounces. I brought two ethernet cables just in case.

This is totally over-the-top geekiness. I’m so proud!

My frustration with this site

I am desperately trying to enable some good weather info on this site. I have Hamweather installed, and it works. But, I can’t integrate it to my look.

I have tried NOAHweather, but am having no luck. Looking at some of the code makes it seem like there are hard coded paths that don’t apply on my system.

I will try again, but it’s driving me a little crazy.

In better computer news, I installed a wireless router and pci card for my friend Steve. Now, no more wires between rooms.

Though it didn’t go 100% smoothly, it was pretty good. Belkin did an excellent job on the software and manual, making them nearly foolproof.