Ten Years Of Blogging

Today is this blog’s tenth anniversary. 3,653 days (thanks to leap years) if you’re counting. This is my 5,948th post. You have commented 23,949 times. It really has become “My Permanent Record.”

Back in 2003, blogging seemed the thing to do. Today, Facebook is the more logical way to open your life to the world. It didn’t exist in 2003. Mark Zuckerberg was just a sophomore year at Harvard!

I’ve lost count of exactly how many pages this blog has served, but with 949,537 reads over the last year, my best estimate is around 6,000,000. That’s a big number for a personal site, especially one that was never mentioned on TV.

I didn’t set out to blog every day. That just happened. Obsessive? Probably. It takes discipline I didn’t know I had.

Hopefully there aren’t too many days when it reads like I’m blogging to fill an obligation. I’m sure there are some.

I’ve written about plenty of personal shortcomings, but this blog is mostly a sanitized version of life. What you read here is always true, just not always the whole truth. I don’t write bad or embarrassing things about friends or family.

Most people who start blogs never considered it requires writing! That’s why so many blogs die after the first entry. If I had thought the problem through, it wouldn’t have happened. I happily believed my writing ended when school ended.

As it turns out, I love writing. Total surprise!

I especially love rewriting. That was even more of a surprise. Every entry gets rewritten at least three or four times before going live.

Without Peter Sachs there would be no blog. In 2003 Peter was running an ISP in New Haven and deeply involved in the online world. It was his encouragement and technical expertise that got me started. Thanks, Peter.

With our move to California this promises to be an interesting year. I plan to blog all of it.

Don’t go to sleep yet, there’s more Geoff Fox to come.