Ten Years Of Blogging

Today is this blog’s tenth anniversary. 3,653 days (thanks to leap years) if you’re counting. This is my 5,948th post. You have commented 23,949 times. It really has become “My Permanent Record.”

Back in 2003, blogging seemed the thing to do. Today, Facebook is the more logical way to open your life to the world. It didn’t exist in 2003. Mark Zuckerberg was just a sophomore year at Harvard!

I’ve lost count of exactly how many pages this blog has served, but with 949,537 reads over the last year, my best estimate is around 6,000,000. That’s a big number for a personal site, especially one that was never mentioned on TV.

I didn’t set out to blog every day. That just happened. Obsessive? Probably. It takes discipline I didn’t know I had.

Hopefully there aren’t too many days when it reads like I’m blogging to fill an obligation. I’m sure there are some.

I’ve written about plenty of personal shortcomings, but this blog is mostly a sanitized version of life. What you read here is always true, just not always the whole truth. I don’t write bad or embarrassing things about friends or family.

Most people who start blogs never considered it requires writing! That’s why so many blogs die after the first entry. If I had thought the problem through, it wouldn’t have happened. I happily believed my writing ended when school ended.

As it turns out, I love writing. Total surprise!

I especially love rewriting. That was even more of a surprise. Every entry gets rewritten at least three or four times before going live.

Without Peter Sachs there would be no blog. In 2003 Peter was running an ISP in New Haven and deeply involved in the online world. It was his encouragement and technical expertise that got me started. Thanks, Peter.

With our move to California this promises to be an interesting year. I plan to blog all of it.

Don’t go to sleep yet, there’s more Geoff Fox to come.

15 thoughts on “Ten Years Of Blogging”

  1. I didn’t know about your blog until you disappeared from channel 8 weather and I was looking to find out what happened. So glad I did! I enjoy reading it. I moved back to Ct in ’86 after living in Fl and the Buffalo area and felt a kinship to you when hearing you also lived in those places. You and Dr. Mel were always my go to weather people! Was sad when I learned WTNH decided not to renew your contract and Dr. Mel passed not too long after. I find it comforting to still get a glimpse into what is going on with you and your family and hope everything works out well out in Ca!

  2. We are awake and waiting…..always interesting to read your thoughts & comments. I have been listening in more than a year….My son still lives in CT and I was following your weather reports and then became hooked on your wit and wisdom on other subjects….the travelog to California was especially fun….here’s to many more years of enlightenment…also Happy 4th!!!!

  3. I certainly would not have known you as well if it were not for your blog. It’s been highly entertaining at times; informative at other times and just plain fun to see your life unfold. This is one way we can all stay connected and I love it.

  4. Happy Anniversary Geoff!
    I’ve been following your blog for quite a while (not 10 yrs though!) and find your writing heartfelt. That’s the best way to write! You have many interests and love to share them – that’s what makes it a good read.
    Best wishes on the new home and keep those blog posts coming!

  5. HI Geoff:

    As I told you when we saw each other before you drove west, I start my day reading what’s happened in the Fox World. I’m not sure if I was there at the very start, but I’m sure it was very close. Having known you for a few years before you started “MPR” (to much texting). I’ve enjoyed watching you and your family grow and mature. I’m lucky in that I know I’ll be seeing both again in the future because of your parents. Good luck out there and remember the nice cold weather in New England when you have those long stretches of HOT weather.;-)

    Big John

  6. Geoff,

    Thank you so much of the years of enjoyable reading for the most part.
    Looking forward to the California adventure to unfold.

    Happy Travels

  7. Hope you’re having a happy holiday. I always enjoy reading your blog, and your ending line today….don’t go to sleep yet….just made my day!!! 😀 Miss seeing you on TV, and thanks for the blog!!

  8. …..and we are looking forward to hearing about (I should say reading about) your upcoming year. Really glad to hear there is “more Geoff Fox to come”.

  9. Geoff,

    I remember hearing the term “blog” for the first time, probably about 10 years ago as well, and thinking….”What the heck is that?” Fast forward 10 years, and the term is ubiquitous and has seemingly now become a part of our everyday lives…..and your contribution, has in a large and very personal way, made the concept a living reality. Thank you for educating us, informing us and keeping us entertained all along the way. Your wit, humor and wisdom truly has had a “transcontinental effect” as your blog now spans from coast to coast. Thanks for taking us along for the ride…..and yes, “none of us are going to sleep yet!!” Congratulations on the milestone.


  10. I may have started reading this on dial-up. This blog has always been informative and fun. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  11. Happy 10th! Like so many others I found your blog after you left WTNH. And I’ve NEVER forgiven them for how they treated you.
    At least hear you don’t have to worry about producers telling you you’re out of time and they need to go to commercial NOW. You can ramble rant and pontificate as much as you want. We’ll still love you.
    You haven’t mentioned Doppler lately. How’s she doing?

  12. I didn’t go to sleep yet! It is 1:45 AM here, which puts you at
    10:45 PM of the 4th! Problem is, I have to be up by 8. Thanks for the message.
    Poor Doppler. She thought she was QUEEN! And you go and bring in a stranger. Give them time, they will work it out. It sounds like your new house is coming alive —wishing you all many happy years ahead.

  13. Odd fact, I was your 1 millionth visitor back in 2006 (probably 1st half of 2006) – I saw the counter at 999,999, hit refresh, and voila. I think I even saved a screen shot of it somewhere. Keep up the interesting writing!

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