Be Nice To Interns

I’m sure I’m not always nice to the college interns who spend time at the TV station, desperately trying to learn enough to take my job from me. Sometimes I am.

Obviously, there’s a story that goes with this.

Remember the VH-1 show “Pop Up Video?” Standard music videos would play, but they were overlaid in post-production with pithy little facts. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s Cindy Lauper’s “Time After Time,” PUV style.

When I first watched Pop Up Video, I was blown away. What a great concept.

The show ended with typical on-screen credits and a little logo for, the production company responsible. This was in the early days of the Internet. I was surprised to note their web presence.

I opened a browser, found the site, figured out the email address of the guy in charge, and sent a complimentary note. It reached Tad Low.

Low wasn’t that long out of college and told me a story about his internship – as it turns out in a local TV station’s newsroom. One night the weather was rainy and the local weatherman offered him a ride back to the dorm.

Oh – I was the weatherman!

I had no idea. I didn’t remember doing that. I didn’t even remember Tad, who was a Yale student at the time.

I’m thinking about this because Tad’s in the paper today – in the New York Times for his show on Fuse, “Pants-Off Dance-Off.”