Oh My — Don’t Get Fired By The Navy

I have worked with many people who suddenly decided to spend more time with their family or pursue other career opportunities. I never worked for the United States Navy. Holy crap!

I’m going to copy their entire press release on the former commander of the USS San Juan. This is the most brutal dressing down I’ve ever seen.


I have worked with many people who suddenly decided to spend more time with their family or pursue other career opportunities. I never worked for the United States Navy. Holy crap!

I’m going to copy their entire press release on the former commander of the USS San Juan. This is the most brutal dressing down I’ve ever seen.

From Submarine Group 2 Public Affairs

GROTON, Conn. (NNS) — The commanding officer of Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS San Juan (SSN 751) was relieved of duty June 4 by the commander of Submarine Development Squadron 12 at Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton, Conn.

Cmdr. Joseph Biondi was relieved of command by Capt. Vernon Parks due to a loss of confidence in his ability to serve effectively as commanding officer.

Biondi’s relief was related to shortfalls in professional performance, leading to leadership’s loss of confidence in his ability to serve in a position of command authority.

The Navy holds those in positions of command to very high standards and holds them accountable when those standards are not met.

Biondi, who assumed command April 27, 2012, has been administratively reassigned to the staff of Commander, Submarine Group 2.

Cmdr. Sam Geiger, deputy commander at Submarine Squadron 4, has assumed command of San Juan until a permanent replacement is named. Geiger completed a three-year tour as commanding officer of USS Toledo (SSN 769) May 16.

For more news from Commander Submarine Group 2, visit www.navy.mil/local/Subgru2/.


Just Call Me Geoff

Over time, more and more people have taken to calling me Mr. Fox. It’s a little disturbing, because I don’t want to be that old.

I usually tell them, “My name is Geoff. Mr Fox lives in a condo in Florida.”

Of course Mr. is the least of the titles you can have with your name. You could be Dr., or Rev., or Senator, or… well the list is nearly endless.

A few years ago, while perusing the British Airways website I came across their choice of titles. I saw the list cited today on another website and thought I’d post it here – just for fun.

Some are so obscure, I have no idea what they could possibly be. I do know, few holders of these titles will ever be flying with me in Row 39, aft of the wing.

Click the list and choose a title. They’re free.

Be All That I Can Be

As a student… even a distance learning student… at Mississippi State University I get the privileges and email of an on-campus student. When there are concerts or symposiums or notices on campus security, I get them.

I guess this also applies to giving my email address to interested organizations off campus. It hasn’t happened often, but I have gotten a few non-MSU notes to my MSU email address.

Tonight was the best. A little earlier this evening I got an email from an Army recruiter! I’m 54 years old. If the army needs me, we’re in huge trouble (though a few weeks of basic training would certainly help me firm up a bit).



2321D HWY 45 NORTH


Dear Geoff Fox,

Congratulations on your decision to pursue a higher education. Continuing your education is a very important step in ones life, it can at times make you wonder if it is really what you wanted to do and of course the thought of education expenses comes to mind as well. At this important crossroad in your life it is essential that you consider all options that are available to you.

For students that are presently at this crossroad, the United States Army offers money to qualifying applicants to pay the high cost of tuition in the form of the Montgomery GI Bill and the Army College Fund. To those who qualify, this could mean up to $70,000.00 for your education. The Army also offers $65,000.00 in student loan repayment. Additionally, the Army will pay 100% tuition while you serve so that you may pursue an even higher degree.

If you are one that may be considering taking a break for a semester or so, the Army can offer quaranteed job skill training in over 200 military occupational specialties. Studies have shown time after time that potential employers prefer to hire U.S. Army veterans to those applicants not having military experience. This is evident by the Army’s new program referred to as the PAYS (Partnership for Americas Youth) program.

I would encourage you to check out the www.goarmy.com web site or simply call 662-328-1741 if you have questions. We, the recruiters at the Columbus Army Recruiting Station wish you well in your studies and once again look forward to speaking with you about the great opportunities the U.S. Army has to offer you.


Randy Gentry


Station Commander

Here’s my response

Flattered as I am, I’m guessing age 54 might be a little old to be all I can be.

All the best,

Geoff Fox

Look Ma – I’m on Slashdot

I love Slashdot. How could I stay away from a site whose slogan is “News for Nerds. Stuff that matters.”

I am there at least 4-5 times a day, following their links to see the latest in high tech. It is Linux biased in much the way The Catholic Church is Christian biased. But, it’s geek and nerd populated and I share a certain sensibility with many of its habitues (though, unfortunately I no longer share the same generation with them)

Its readers, rapidly responding to the story postings, add insight, insult and everything in between.

What makes Slashdot so effective is its self moderating system which starts limiting what you easily read (you can always get to everything, but probably don’t want to) as users come on and rate the postings. Judging by what I see, there are a lot of people moderating at any given time, though Slashdot only gives you the opportunity to moderate every once in a while. Then, later, the moderations get moderated!

In many ways it is analogous to Google, where your association with others decides your relative importance and where your links appear.

Anyway, I’m writing all this because I finally got a posting of mine on to start a thread. It started this morning, early, when I saw an article in the New York Times about speeding up media (listening at double speed, for instance) and how that is a burgeoning field.

I have used that same technique in my studies at Mississippi State, watching DVD’s at double speed. For me, it’s been very effective. Now, it’s shared with others.

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