Just Call Me Geoff

Over time, more and more people have taken to calling me Mr. Fox. It’s a little disturbing, because I don’t want to be that old.

I usually tell them, “My name is Geoff. Mr Fox lives in a condo in Florida.”

Of course Mr. is the least of the titles you can have with your name. You could be Dr., or Rev., or Senator, or… well the list is nearly endless.

A few years ago, while perusing the British Airways website I came across their choice of titles. I saw the list cited today on another website and thought I’d post it here – just for fun.

Some are so obscure, I have no idea what they could possibly be. I do know, few holders of these titles will ever be flying with me in Row 39, aft of the wing.

Click the list and choose a title. They’re free.

3 thoughts on “Just Call Me Geoff”

  1. What a list! I love “Frau”…like Frau Blucher in Young Frankenstein. I can hear the horses braying in the background now. Assuming they don’t ask for title-verification, I’d probably go with “The Hon Mr” or maybe “The Very Rev”, as opposed to just the standard amount of Reverend…

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