The Fox Family Enters Politics

Yesterday was a joyous day in the Fox family. Down in Florida, where the sun shines and the snow never falls, my mom was elected to the board of directors for her condo’s social club. This is her first try at elected office. There were three members chosen from a slate of six.

This is no small task. The social club is near the center of condo activities. The condo complex itself is some sort of ‘Club Med’ for seniors. The stop signs don’t say “STOP,” but instead say “NO EXIT.” It’s an ironic reminder of the social bargain residents make when they buy in.

I can’t tell you how many times my parents have told me about a “show in the clubhouse,” featuring a singer, dancer, comedian or multitasking entertainer who could do all three. My father would review the show and then explain it cost $3 (or $5 – whatever it was, it was small) and that “it included coffee&#185 and cake.”

Last night I asked my mom how they did it? How could they afford to run show-after-show-after-show and charge less than it obviously cost? She didn’t know. She will soon, I’m sure. I’m guessing a small portion of the common charges each of the 600+ condo owners pays goes to subsidize the entertainment.

In the meantime, can “Betty Fox for Senate” posters be far away?

&#185 – There is a clause in the Florida constitution which prohibits anything but decaf (aka – warm brown water) from being served to condo residents.