Another Hurricane

Jeanne is making her presence felt along Florida’s East Coast. Rain is pouring – often horizontally! I’m not sure if there are hurricane force winds yet, though what difference does it make. There is enough wind to do damage.

Earlier today when I spoke to my folks they told me the cleanup from Frances isn’t even complete. There is still debris – branches, twigs, fronds – piled on the ground. Tonight, those are undoubtedly missiles.

Hopefully they won’t lose power. That’s the ‘insult to injury’ move in a Florida hurricane.

It’s funny how some people do understand a hurricane’s fury while others do not. My friend Paul was supposed to fly from Los Angeles to Ft. Lauderdale for some business tomorrow. Bzzzzz – canceled. The airport is closed.

On Wednesday he’s supposed to go to Orlando. I told him that might not be a good idea. He couldn’t figure out why… the hurricane surely would be gone.

Yes – but the memory lingers (as do the downed trees and power lines).