Dinner At Buca Di Beppo

We wanted dinner. We were tired. We wanted to stay close to the hotel.

From Albuquerque S…

Helaine and I walked through the parking lot to Buca di Beppo. Who knew it was a chain? Well, you probably. We went in as innocents.

As soon as we entered, I thought to myself, I’ve been here before? Buca di Beppo is the spitting image of a restaurant my friend Howard favors on Ventura Blvd. somewhere in the San Fernando Valley.

In fact if I find out this chain was ‘inspired’ by Howard’s restaurant, I won’t be surprised.

From Albuquerque S…

We walked through the kitchen, past a table where some lucky customers ate to one of many different dining areas. Though each is different, they’re all meant to be over-the-top Italian. It’s not a put down, but an homage.

From Albuquerque S…

One small room contains a solitary round table, big enough for a family. The center of the table rotates, so you can pass things back and forth. Since it’s too large to use the middle, that portion of the table has been taken up by a bust of Pope John Paul II.

From Albuquerque S…

We shared shrimp scampi, which was very good. Truth is, the decor was more fun.

We leave in the morning for a very long drive to Kayenta, AZ. Google says it’s 332 miles, most of which is off the Interstate.

Drudge’s Pre-Exclusive

I enjoy looking at the Matt Drudge‘s links. However, one should never be confused that Drudge might run his site like a traditional journalistic endeavor.

For instance, at 1:46 PM EST Pope John Paul II was dead – at least on Drudge. Two minutes later, he was back.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Matt to apologize or move a correction. He might point out other people’s errors, never his own.