Drudge’s Pre-Exclusive

I enjoy looking at the Matt Drudge‘s links. However, one should never be confused that Drudge might run his site like a traditional journalistic endeavor.

For instance, at 1:46 PM EST Pope John Paul II was dead – at least on Drudge. Two minutes later, he was back.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Matt to apologize or move a correction. He might point out other people’s errors, never his own.

One thought on “Drudge’s Pre-Exclusive”

  1. I got an email from a paging service I subscribe to for firefighters and EMS personell. In addition to Local incidents such as MVAs and big fires, Breaking news is included. Typically I get breaking news via this method a good hour before anyone else reports it, sometimes longer. at 1:36pm EST I got the email saying that the pope had died. Makes you wonder if he actually has passed, and for whatever reason the vatican is delaying the announcement?

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