Good Parenting As Taught By Alec Baldwin

Good grief! I just heard the entire Alec Baldwin voice mail message to his pre-teen daughter. That’s a lot of anger Alec!

As a parent, I have had occasion to be upset with my daughter. I’m sure I’ve told her I was angry or upset, sometimes in a loud voice.

OK, I’ve yelled at her.

I’m not proud of that. Just because you’re the parent doesn’t make everything you do correct.

However, this recording is beyond anything I could imagine. How could a parent harangue his child this way?

I cringed as I listened. Even worse, when there were opportunities for Baldwin to stop and just hang up the phone, he continued, consistently ratcheting up the rhetoric time-after-time.

Word is, the breakup of his marriage to Kim Basinger had the feel good atmosphere of a Shia/Sunni picnic. Tough break. That doesn’t give him a pass to sound like a sociopath and be a cruel jerk toward his child – even if it puts his anger in perspective.

I really don’t have pithy advice to offer here. There’s no payoff to this entry. I just wanted to make it public; I’ve heard the recording and I’m flabbergasted.

It will live forever on the Internet. To his 11 year old daughter, Ireland, forever is going to be a very long time.