What Was LeBron Thinking?

To Cleveland this was equivalent of reading about your own breakup on Twitter!

I saw a little of LeBron James’ ESPN extravaganza tonight. Exactly what were he and ESPN thinking?

The show was right up there with Geraldo opening Al Capone’s vault in 1986. It was mindless, meaningless, excruciatingly slow and in one regard mean spirited.

To Cleveland this was equivalent of reading about your own breakup on Twitter!

Bottom line just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should! In the end I think he’ll pay with reduced demand as an endorser.

This Thing On My Leg

Today is day three of wearing the boot for my fractured fibula&#185. It’s not that awful.

Maybe I won’t feel this way after week three, but today it’s no worse than bothersome.

I’m no doctor (and humanity is glad of that), but doesn’t this thing replace a cast? I can’t imagine that. I can remove the boot and bathe without a plastic bag and even sleep barelegged.

I still haven’t figured out what to do when it rains. It is after all an open toed boot.

Though quite stiff, it’s totally made of plastic. The sole is thick rubber, like the bottom of a sneaker for LeBron James bigger brother. Inside is a sock-like sleeve to keep the boot from chaffing my delicate foot and leg.

I have been wearing a white athletic sock on my left foot and a regular dress sock on my right. When all this is over, I will have a half pair of worn out shoes!

It is all held together with Velcro. Earlier, I counted the points where Velcro met Velcro on the boot – 7! Specifically there are five straps plus two closures on the ‘sleeve’.

The two main problems are keeping the Velcro from getting tangled up in itself and keeping this quiet while Helaine is sleeping. There is Velcro generated noise with every step and loud noise as I pull the strips apart to take it off for the night.

As I said, today it’s not too bad. I’ll revisit the boot if and when things change.

&#185 – I originally wrote tibia. Helaine thought that was wrong and took a look at the diagnosis on a medical form I’d received. Both bones are in close proximity in the lower leg.