What Was LeBron Thinking?

To Cleveland this was equivalent of reading about your own breakup on Twitter!

I saw a little of LeBron James’ ESPN extravaganza tonight. Exactly what were he and ESPN thinking?

The show was right up there with Geraldo opening Al Capone’s vault in 1986. It was mindless, meaningless, excruciatingly slow and in one regard mean spirited.

To Cleveland this was equivalent of reading about your own breakup on Twitter!

Bottom line just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should! In the end I think he’ll pay with reduced demand as an endorser.

6 thoughts on “What Was LeBron Thinking?”

  1. But you must admit, Geraldo had a hell of a run after that glitch. He had a profitable syndicated show, which was set up to encite violence between the audience and the guests. (Before Jerry Springer, but it looked pretty real.) I remember Geraldo getting his nose busted. Then he had a decent run on CNBC and restored his credibility a bit, thanks to Roger Ailes. Then, thanks to Roger Ailes, he has really cashed in at Fox News Channel.

    If this is the equivalent of Al Capone’s vault, then LeBron will have a bumpy few years (he’ll always be treated like A-Rod on the road), but then he’ll be fine.

    OK, I’m kidding. (Sometimes I know it’s not clear that I am, because sometimes I actually write dopey things about astronomy.) The jerk should have stayed in Cleveland. He would have owned the town and the state of Ohio forever- his home state! I would have played for the Whalers if it made me that kind of hero. He measured value the wrong way. And who is to blame: THE AGENTS. I’ve read your comments on how much you adore agents.

    Interesting though, if the Heat make it to the Rose Garden next year, I’ll bet you I’m priced out of a ticket.

  2. I agree with you 100 percent Geoff. I was amazed at how many times Labron mentioned how much “he” did for the Cavaliers and for the city of Cleveland. I hope his journey in South Beach ends with Pat Riley and the three headed monster Wade,James and Bosh as the biggest free agent busts in sports history. How long do you think that (3) superstars can coexist anyway??

  3. I mentioned that same thought about Geraldo to my wife and others earlier this week, Geoff. Lebron just needed to feed his ego. A statement about where he was going shuld have sufficed.
    As for ESPN, my respect for them has gone down a few notches.

  4. Having that show was awful. The whole Lebron free agent tour was ridiculous. However, I will give him credit for one thing. He went somewhere to win. He didn’t go for the money. He went somewhere for the championships. Alot of times athletes get criticized for going somewhere for the money. He could have gone to NY for more money than Miami but instead he realized he had a better chance to win rings in Miami. If he wins championships with Miami he’ll have plenty of chances for endorsements. People love a winner.

  5. I’m just SO glad I don’t get at all worried about professional basketball…or any other pro sport, for that matter. I like to think I have many, many more important things to do with my time.

    Folks, it’s populated by paid entertainers, why are we surprised when stuff like this happens? Loyalty has nothing to do with any of this, either.

    It’s all about publicity, money, and ego.

  6. Jim, what difference is it if you are getting 100 million instead of 130 million? Note its not 100 bucks it is 100 million bucks. Plus he pays a lot less tax in Miami than what he would have in Cleveland.

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