I’m Watching QVC

Lisa Robertson is on my TV selling an initial tag leather bracelet. I’m not buying. This show isn’t aimed at me.

Helaine has QVC on for much the same reason I watch MSNBC, noise.

I usually don’t watch. Tonight, it has my rapt attention.

I’m probably not going to say what you think.

Wow. This is the most slickly produced live production on TV. Full stop.

It’s not just Lisa Robertson I’m watching. It’s the Lisa Robertson Show!

As I understand it, QVC’s operation is more soundstage than studio. It is brightly lit and full of weighty looking furniture and furnishings.

Yes, they are selling and selling hard. Lisa, the product’s on-camera rep, Josie and a few models are currently rubbing some sort of cream on their shoulders and exposed clavicles. Surreal.

A jewelry segment used a camera with a shallow depth of field–maybe a DSLR. Nice touch.

There was a special feature earlier on up-and-coming fashion designers. Yes, there was an ulterior motive in producing and running this. Still, the package was well put together. Slickly put together.

Many of the production techniques used could have been accomplished for less with a nearly equal result. They spend the extra buck.

The camera shots move smoothly. The direction is tight. There are models aplenty.

There’s nothing on TV done live that comes close. Wish I knew why?